major promotion

“The oil industry downturn had brought about unprecedented turmoil in my work, my life and everything I held dear. Ben helped me to thrive during a really difficult time and then transition to an unexpected dream opportunity. Ben is a creative, compassionate and caring listener, who takes you on a metaphorical journey to other times, places, vantage points and safe havens that bring with them a breathtaking balance and perspective to every situation. With Ben’s help, I was able to find peace in the storm of life and work. His metaphors are often bound by nature’s wonders, providing mental retreats far away from the corporate world, where I could feel more connected with myself and those around me, and in turn perform better as a leader. I cannot recommend him enough”

Senior leader, multinational oil company

marriage rebuilt

“In this turbulent period of my life, Ben was able to offer coaching that led me to both fiercely stretch into new spheres of my personality and at the same time center towards what brings me balance in life. He held the space with gentle care, courage, and creativity that made me feel championed and ready to embrace my own vulnerability. This transformation has changed my perspective on myself and my relationships. As a result, I let go of things holding me back and can move forward towards my purpose in life. Ben’s style is inspirational”

Learning & development professional, international airline

SMOOTH & fearless

"Ben has a crazy intuition and he will see through your words to get to the heart of what's going on with you. He is fearless and straightforward with his coaching style, but in a smooth and compassionate way. You won't even see the truth coming until it brushes up against you as he asks great questions that will open your eyes to the clarity of the situation you are facing. If you are looking for insight and self awareness, Ben is your guy"

Finance executive & entrepreneur

"Ben has an immense talent for helping individuals to overcome self-imposed obstacles through coaching to unleash hidden potential, as well as to help those individuals unlock doors to pursue more rewarding paths forward in their lives. In his complimentary coaching session to me, for example, he helped me to overcome self-limiting ideas on alternate career directions and passions I could pursue that would be highly rewarding to me. I had long thought that my lifelong dream job, passion, and life identity revolved around being an Exploration Geoscientist, a dream which is not tenable in the present industry environment. I had been so painfully stuck on this idea, that I entirely missed another important lifelong dream/fantasy of being a successful farmer/plantation owner, as an important part of my family heritage. This alternate path had somehow alluded me, but it was thoroughly unleashed during a coaching session from Ben. Somehow he teased this idea out of my psyche, “plain as day”, who I really was (it was actually an uncomfortable realization at the time). Essentially his coaching removed the barriers and false ideas that had long stood in the way of my path forward. My business venture “New Harvester Farm” is now well underway, with ample scope for growth, and personally rewarding. I have never felt better or more myself than I do now! Thanks Ben for your great coaching!"

living the dream