I deliver huge value

My coaching is deliberately bold, challenging and fearless.  I will ask you questions that no one else can.  And I will encourage you, build your self confidence and declare your strengths in ways that others may not have.

My coaching is powerful and delivers life-changing results

I went back to the office and fired my CFO
I've decided to stay and make my marriage work
I landed my dream job, two weeks after you helped me see it was possible
I redesigned my whole team after our first session
As a result of our coaching I've found a new career and have started training
I see it's OK to lead differently at home and work
Since our last session I've decided to go ahead with two six figure deals

I help my clients:

  • uncover their values and design life around those values, at work and at home, to build satisfaction and success as they live life on purpose
  • discover new ways to look at difficult things
  • live deliberately: making decisions, plans and boundaries 

My practice is focussed on only 15 clients, and I charge significant rates that will stretch you to show up all-in, but will not stress you.  We have the money conversation after you start seeing the size of the value we create together.  

Be clear that this will cost money, time, effort, thought and deliberate action.  It's not a silver bullet to fix your life.  And it delivers huge effects, maybe beyond your imagination.

My aim is together to create at least 10 times the value of what you invest

This graphic shows what's been possible with clients so far.  What do you want to add to the list?

ways I help.jpg