my clients are

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After working with 50 clients, I reviewed who my people are.  

I work with clients that are 

  • purposeful - clear about their own identity, strengths and mission
  • caring 
  • strong leaders - with character, respected by their community
  • high potential - already successful, headed for the top

I call them Big Dogs.  They are game changers in my world.


The best leaders have their feet planted firmly into the ground with an unshakable confidence in what they value, stand for, and believe in.  Big Dogs don't need life designing for them.  They know their needs and values and don't hesitate to chase them.  Big Dogs need support, to check in with someone who gets them, to be challenged to run even faster and jump even higher fences, someone to run with them and keep them on track.  These people I coach.

There's a problem marketing services to Big Dogs.  They have humility and live very real lives.  They don't think of themselves as Big.  They just do life.  Big Life.   The clients I work with are not arrogant; they're confident.  Some have had to play small to fit in.  Have you lost confidence in yourself?  

Big Dog humility is why you're questioning this.  Are you really successful and sorted enough to have a coach?  If you're questioning it, the answer is yes.

Want to grow into a Big Dog? Use the contact form to tell me which of the four legs (purposeful, caring, strong leader, high potential) you need more of.  In a difficult situation for you right now, which one of the four is most difficult to stand on?

I don't coach people who "need" coaching.  My clients want coaching.  They want challenge, support, encouragement and deep non-judgemental listening.  They want genuine solidarity not cheap solutions.  Personally I love having a coach who believes in me, and not the negative stories I tell myself.  Understood and accepted.