Curious about the name of my company?

Challenging can mean difficult: a difficult time in life or a tough place to be.  Or it can refer to a deliberately provocative deep question that I ask that stretches your self-view.  It might the way you treat the status quo, or it could be a way to approach boundaries and limits.  What does it mean to you?


Panoramas are vast viewscapes.  Making a photographic panorama involves stitching together several individual views, and sometimes even several view points.  So imagine your whole life as an artistic masterpiece that stretches the entire wall of a gallery.  Could you ever step back far enough to take in the whole thing?  What does it look like from other viewpoints? A panorama could also be a time period or situation.  Perhaps your current panorama is restricting.  What's in your panorama? What colours, moods, situations and choices are there?  Does it need challenging?